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FAQ - Classic Garment Pannier

Frequently Asked Questions - Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier


What is a Garment Pannier?

Created in the basement with a borrowed sewing machine in 1999, The Classic Garment Pannier (also named the Classic Bike Suit Bag) was the first bag designed to carry clothes wrinkle free by bike. We’ve spent years collaborating with some of our earliest customers around the world to launch the Classic 2.0. It's a daily commuting bag, carry-on luggage and weekend touring pannier. We now make the Classic in several styles including Black, Graphite and Military Black Waxed Canvas. Meet the best office commuting bag in the business.

Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier - BlackClassic 2.0 Garment Pannier - GraphiteClassic 2.0 Garment Pannier - Waxed Canvas

What is New on the Classic 2.0 from the Classic 1.0?

The 2.0 model of the Classic Bike Suit Bag is loaded with new features and functional upgrades. We used all the feedback from our riders to refine the function of the bag on the rack, re-configure storage options and added seriously cool new details. The new upgrades include:
  • New universal RIXEN & KAUL mounting system that adjusts to any bike rack and mounts with a click
  • Upgraded 600D Polyester material with TPE waterproof backing and UV coating
  • New internal padded pocket for up to 17 inch laptops
  • 3 new internal mesh pockets for extra storage (belts, ties, shirts, cufflinks, etc.)
  • Improved visibility with integrated reflective materials designed into all sides of the bag
  • Comfortable padded, removable shoulder strap
  • Upgraded YKK zippers with heavy gauge (airplane locking) zip on main garment compartment
  • New reinforced top bag hanger with hide-away snap
  • New snap mechanism for the sides of the bag to clip together for off bike carrying 
  • New internal garment security strap
  • Signature monogram inside liner
  • Internal zip access to mounting system components (if repairs are ever needed)
  • Custom invertible rain cover that clips to the outside of the bag when not in use 

For a full comparison on 2.0 vs 1.0 features, read the independent review from our rider, Anton Kang from Seoul, South Korea

Classic Bike Suit Bag Open Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier Open

Is it Waterproof?

The Classic Garment Pannier (Black, Graphite and Waxed Canvas) is extremely water-resistant. We don’t claim it to be waterproof because you can’t fully submerge it without water seeping through the seams or zippers. It is made of either 600D Polyester with TPE waterproof backing and UV coating or water repellant waxed cotton/polyester canvas. 

On the Classic 2.0 - Black and Graphite, the inner TPE backing makes the polyester waterproof but not necessarily the seams and zippers. The exterior UV coating ensures the colour and material integrity does not deteriorate from outdoor use in the sun. The Classic keeps contents dry under rigorous testing in harsh weather (even without the rain cover). 

Does the Classic come with the Rain Cover?

Yes, each of our garment panniers comes with the additional rain cover. The rain cover is made of 210D, high-visibility HD Nylon that wraps around the pannier and is secured with an internal draw string. The rain covers are fluorescent neon and also have reflective designs to increase low light visibility. 

What is the Difference Between the Kompakt Rail, TWIST and Vario Mounting Systems? 

Two Wheel Gear - Classic Garment Pannier - Mounting Systems - Kompakt Rail, TWIST, VARIO

Kompakt Rail (2019) 

The quickest system from Rixen & Kaul to mount and easiest to adjust. There is a top button on each of the hooks that allow them to slide on the rail horizontally for adjusting rack placement. A red spring latch (which is very fast for securing the pannier down to the rack) is set under the rack bar once the bag is placed on the rack. The Kompakt Rail will work with racks from 6-16 mm (even E-Bikes with batteries integrated into the rear carrier). The Classic (Kompakt Rail) is available in black. See the Classic Kompakt Rail

Two Wheel Gear - Classic Garment Pannier - KLICKfix Kompakt Rail Mounting System

TWIST (2018)

The Rixen & Kaul system use the blue ratchet locking hooks. They are also adjustable horizontally for rack adjustment using a screwdriver and sliding into one of the 4 pre-drilled holes ). Each hook locks separately around the rack so it takes a little extra time to fully secure the bag. This system will work with racks 6-12 mm in diameter. The TWIST system also comes with small blue inserts that reduce the hooks to fit better with small racks (6-8 mm). The Classic (TWIST) is available in black or graphite grey. See the Classic TWIST

Two Wheel Gear - Classic Garment Pannier - Rixen & Kaul TWIST Mounting System

Vario (2017)

The all black Rixen & Kaul Vario Mounting hooks adjust for diameter rack size (6-16 mm) with a screwdriver but the hooks are stationary and do not slide horizontally for various rack placements. This is great if you have a standard bike rack as The Vario system works with 90% of racks on the market. If you have more crossbars and need a specific fit, using one of the TWIST or Kompakt Rail systems with horizontal adjustability is recommended. A rotating center lock mechanism secures the bag from popping off the rack. The Classic (Vario) is available in black or graphite grey. See the Classic Vario

Two Wheel Gear - Classic Garment Pannier Mounting System - Vario

What is the Difference Between the Black, Graphite and the Waxed Canvas? 

The key difference is the material. The black and graphite bags are both made of 600D polyester with waterproof TPE coating. The waxed canvas is a waterproof 10 ounce dry wax cotton/polyester blend. Both materials have rugged and durable qualities. The black and graphite are synthetic and will last a long time, the waxed canvas is a material that will last a life time. 

The waxed canvas is a premium sourced fabric that is also used by the U.S. military in Army field bags. It will patina and build character with use which really adds to the charm of the bag. 

Both the waxed canvas and the graphite/black bags have the same pockets and functionality. However the waxed canvas has no reflective material (there is a spot for flasher light) and black leather details. Both bags comes with a fluorescent rain cover.

What Type of Bicycle Rack is Compatible with the Classic 2.0? 

Basically any rear bicycle rack on the market will work. The RIXEN & KAUL Vario Hooks adjust to any rack tube diameter with a few turns of a screwdriver. The lower catch will slide in behind any vertical rack bar to secure the sides of the pannier. 

A few recommended bike racks for our bags are from Topeak, Blackburn, Filzer, or Axiom however any local bike shop will have an excellent option. Below are just a few racks that our customers use. Email us with any specific questions (or send a quick photo of your bike rack) if you want to double check your setup.

How do I Attach the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier to my Rack? 

Place the pannier on your rear rack with the Vario hooks clipping onto either side of the rack tube. The hooks will make a "click." Reach in through the back of the pannier and turn the center-locks (red pull cords) to ensure the pannier locks to the bike rack. Slide the lower catch to properly secure in behind one of the vertical rack bars. Note: the lower catch screw can be tightened in the proper position so that it does not need to be slid each time.


How do I Adjust the Vario Hooks and Lower Catch to Fit on my Rack? 

The first time you mount your Classic Garment Pannier, take an extra minute to ensure the Vario hooks and lower catch are properly set. The Vario hooks are adjustable from 6-16mm to work with a variety of rack diameters. Hang one side of the pannier on the rear rack and adjust the Vario hook screws using a standard Phillips screwdriver so that the hooks perfectly fit your rack diameter. Repeat for the other side of the pannier. Then adjust the lower catch to fit behind one of the vertical side bars on your bike rack. After finding the proper position of the lower catch, tighten the single screw to lock in the proper position.





When mounting on a daily basis, the lower catch can be positioned first behind the vertical bar. The Vario hooks naturally will line up on the rack. Then give a simple push down on the top of the bag for the Vario hooks to set. Reach inside to pull the red cords to set the center-lock. When dismounting the pannier, ensure the centre-locks are disengaged and simply pull up on the side carry handles and the pannier will easily pop off. 

 What are the Rack Mounting Specifications?

Garment Pannier - Rack Mounting Specifications

What Fits in the Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier?

The Classic works great for daily trip items and/or can be fully packed to accommodate airplane travel for reasonable trip lengths. The general rule is 3-5 suits or garments. All standard hanger sizes will work great. 

Example of the Classic packed for a basic daily office commute:  
  • 1 full suit (jacket, pants & shirt) or skirt/pants and shirt/blouse
  • 1-2 pair shoes (formal, workout, or both)
  • Accessories (tie, belt, cufflinks, jewelry) 
  • Socks, underwear
  • Towel, toiletry kit
  • Laptop computer, charger
  • Common bike tools (pump, tube, multi tool)
  • Keys, wallet, phone
  • Lunch

Will My Laptop Fit?

It will fit laptops with up to 17.3 inch screens. You can measure your physical laptop dimensions to make sure it fits. Unless it is an absolute giant, it should work nicely.

Pocket Dimensions: Width: 15.5" Height: 12" Depth: 3"

Fits up to 17.3 inch laptopsLaptop Physical Dimensions

Carry On Compliant?

Yes, it meets most standard airline carry on requirements. Also be sure to check your airline weight restrictions for carry on items ( it is usually around 10 kg or 22 lbs). The bag can be packed much heavier than these restrictions.

Why is One Pocket Turned Sideways?

When hanging vertical, the top exterior pocket is turned sideways so the pocket can be used without your items spilling on the floor. 

Why is the Bag Slightly Angled when Mounted on the Bike Rack? 

We designed the Classic Garment Pannier to provide the rider with maximum pedal clearance. Setting the bag up at a slight angle avoids any contact from being made with the riders's shoes/pedals while in use.

How do I clean the Classic 2.0?  

The Classic can be washed with warm soapy water used with a cloth or scrub brush. Then rinsed off with a good nozzle on the hose. I even wash it with a light pressure washing. Its a tough material and can take a pretty rigorous cleaning. 

Will the Rain Cover Work With the Older Models of the Classic Bike Suit Bag and the Southwest Garment Pannier?

Yes, the rain cover is designed to work with any of our former or current garment bags and panniers.

Will it Work with Folding Bikes?

When the bag is mounted to the rack, it measures 13 inches from the rack bar to the lowest point of the pannier on either side of the rack. Measure your folding bike to check for enough clearance. It works great with most mid-larger folding bike models. 

What are the Full Technical Specifications? 

Bag laying flat - 38.5"x 19" x 3" 
Bag folded / being carried - 18" x 19" x 6"
Weight - 3.9 lbs  

Large Bellows Zippered Pockets (2) - 12.5" x 12.5" x 4"
Small Bellows Zippered Pockets (2) - 10.5" x 9.5" x 2"
Top Ridge Zippered Pocket - 12" x 5" x 3" 

Main Garment Compartment - 38.5"x 19" x 3" 
Large Zippered Mesh Pocket - 14.5" x 11" x 2"
Small Shoulder Zippered Mesh Pockets (2) - 6.5" x 4.5" x 2" 
Padded Laptop Pocket - 15.5" x 12" x 3"