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Set-up & Mounting Your Classic Garment Pannier


Rack Mounting Set-Up 

When you first receive your new pannier, take a minute to set it up properly for your rack. Follow the steps below to get a proper fit.  

  1. Determine best position for Vario Mounting Hooks, Lower Catch, and Center Lock for your rack

Set the pannier on your rack one side at a time to find the best positioning for the rack components.


    Classic 2.0 attached to rear rack


    1. Slide Lower Catch (x2) in tight behind the most functional rack side bar 

    The lower catch will slide all the way down on the track and should be tightened at the screw after finding the correct position in behind one of the side rails. The catch can be reversed if necessary to work with an alternate side rail.



      Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier Lower Catch

      1. Check Vario Mounting Hooks

      Check Vario mounting hooks (x4) for proper fit with rack tube diameter. Hooks can be adjusted to fit 6 -16 mm rack thickness. The hooks should be tightened to the point where the mounting hooks make a “click” when snapped down on your rack.



      Vario Mounting Hooks


      1. Make adjustments to Vario Mounting Hooks (x4) and tighten screw on Lower Catch (x2) to lock stationary

      Adjust all mounting hardware using a standard philips (+) screwdriver.



        Mounting Steps  

        1. Position the lower catch behind the side rails of your bike rack (on both sides)

        Slide the bottom in first and then follow down with the Vario Mounting Hooks.



          1. Snap mounting hooks down so they make a “click” on to the bike rack

          Components should fit snug and stay tight down on the rack.



            1. Engage center lock (reach in through the back)

            Turn center lock so it hooks underneath the main rack bar. This ensures the pannier stays locked on the rack and can not pop off.



            1. Ensure the pannier is securely mounted

            Sides should sit flat, both lower catch tight behind the side bars, mounting hooks completely snapped down and the center locks engaged.